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Learn to trade the stock market like a PRO. Know what to buy and when to buy it.

Your journey to financial freedom starts here!

Do you want to know if the market trend is about to change?

Do you want to maximize your reward and minimize your risk?

Do you want to make your own decisions and be your own Guru?

Do you really want to understand how to uncover great stocks and buy them at the right time?

Then this top quality education is for you !

Stock Market Training and Technical Analysis Course

Learn to trade the Stock Market with confidence:

  • Learn the skills of professional Stock Market Technical Analysts
  • Know what to buy, how much to buy and when to buy
  • Master Risk vs. Reward for stellar stock market returns
  • Create your own detailed trading strategies & systems
  • Be the master of your own destiny!

This is no ordinary Stock Market Training Course

10 DVD s worth of high quality / high resolution video (16 hours of Streaming Video)

How you want it! Where you want it!

Stock Market Education, available of iPhone, iPod Touch & PC

This course will provide YOU the knowledge to trade the stock market successfully, this is not a not a hot stock newsletter and not a get rich quick scheme.

This is real Stock Market Education from a Certified Technical Analyst.

With the Liberated Stock Trader Pro Training Course you will:

  • Understand what REALLY moves the stock market
  • Master Fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis
  • Utilize the power of Stock Charts, Price Patterns, Volume and Indicators
  • Learn the role of Sentiment & News in the Market
  • Take control of your own mind with Trading Psychology
  • Learn how to do Market Analysis like a professional

"At extremes the vast majority of advisers are just plain wrong. This is where you come in, the Liberated Stock Trader. Armed with the insight of the madness of crowds and controlling your own destiny you can make these calls yourself."

Barry D. Moore - Chapter 11 Sentiment Indicators

Liberated Stock Trader Book, cobining the best of fundamental and   technical analysis.

Including the incredible Liberated Stock Trader Book

  • Powerfully combining theory and practice

  • The best of fundamental and Technical Analysis

  • Hand on examples designed for the independent investor YOU.

    The Liberated Stock Trader PRO Package Overview

    Firstly we cover the essential things you need to know, what are Fundamental and Technical Analysis, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. What is Dow Theory and how can it help. It also includes the practical “Stock Traders Checklist” to help you make some important decisions. Also important are the top 5 mistakes to avoid right from the beginning.
    Then we take a look at the history of the stock market and relate what has happened in the past to what will happen in the future, this covers the real drivers behind what moves the stock market.
    Next we discover the secrets of the technical analyst's view of the market with an in-depth look at Cycles and Fibonacci Waves, including original work on the 4 year business cycle and a new take on days of the week to trade.
    Following on we put the “FUN” back in Fundamentals and show you the foundations of fantastic companies, and how to find great stocks.
    Then it’s time for a crash course in Technical Analysis without the whiplash. This will provide you with an understanding of “supply and demand” and expert charting techniques covering the most important stock charting methods, indicators and tactics to enable you to time your trades to perfection.
    Next up is "Sentiment Indicators" and how news affects the markets. The next section is dedicated to “Trading Psychology”; trust me you will not need to lie on a black leather sofa and talk about your past relationships to a complete stranger to benefit from this.
    Trading strategy is arguably one of the most important areas of focus that will contribute to your success. Setting practical goals to enable you to work towards your status as a millionaire is a key focus here.
    The final sections are critical to success, shining a light on the murky depths of tracking your trades, timing and stop losses, cash allocation and risk reward analysis. You will also learn how the professional technical analysts set price targets on stocks.
    Finally I provide a structured method to enable you to combine all your new found knowledge into one whole strategy ready to unleash on the market.

    What will you get?

    The High Quality / High Resolution Liberated Stock Trader Pro   Training Course

    The Liberated Stock Trader eBook

    • Over 200 pages of high quality training material from a Certified Technical Analyst.
    • High quality lesson and detailed charts (91 separate charts)

    • Original research
    • Available in Adobe PDF - for the PC / Mac / iPad

    The Liberated Stock Trader PRO Training Course

    • Instant Access to Over 16 hours of High Quality Video - On demand Streaming from Screencast.com

    • Streamed directly "on demand" to your PC or Mac via a high quality video streaming provider (Flash Video .flv Format for optimum performance)

    • 1024 x 768 Video Resolution & High Quality Sound mp3 96 kBits/sec

    • Full Menu System for easy navigation through the sections and quick reference
    • Crystal clear narration, spoken at the right speed and delivered by myself, a native English speaker, IDEAL for English speakers across the globe.

    • Covers all 17 Chapters of the book, with hours of additional hands on examples and absolutely detailed description of every theory, indicator and strategy

    The Liberated Stock Trade PRO Training Course - Mobile Edition - for those on the go.

    Stock  Market Education - Technical Anaylsis Course available for the iPod  & iPhone

    • All 16 hours of video training (On demand Download from Screencast.com)
    • Direct download MP4 Videos for your iPhone & iPod Touch
    • Video Resolution 480 x 320 & High Quality Sound mp3 96 kBits/sec
    • Perfect for the Apple iPhone & iPod Touch

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      The Liberated Stock Trader Pro Mobile Edition (16 hours of fully down-loadable Video)

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      Want to see the details ?

      Training Course Content

      Chapter 1 - Essential Knowledge
      • Bears, Bulls, Short, Long
      • The war between the Fundamentalists and the Technicians
      • Fundamental Analysis
      • Technical Analysis
      • Economic Theory
      • The best approach
      • Dow Theory
      • Summary
      • The Stock Traders Checklist
      • 5 mistakes to avoid right from the start
      • Summary
      Chapter 2 - What really moves markets?
      • Interpret How Global Events Can Affect Your Investments
      • Boom and Bust
      • Monetary Policy
      • Fiscal Policy
      • Summary
      Chapter 3 - How do markets move? Cycles & Waves
      • The Effect of Cycles on the Market
      • The Kondratieff Wave
      • The Kuznets & Juglar Cycles
      • The Decennial Pattern
      • The Business Cycle / Kitchin Cycle
      • Seasonal Cycles
      • The days of the week
      • Summary
      • From Cycles to Waves, Elliott Waves!
      • Elliott Waves & Fibonacci Numbers
      • Summary
      Chapter 4 - What makes a great company? Looking at Business Fundamentals
      • A Simple Introduction to Fundamentals
      • Measuring Success - Mine is bigger than yours!!
      • The Business Life-cycle & Stock Categorization
      • Is the company in great shape ?
      • A Crash Course in fundamental Analysis
      • How to find undervalued stocks
      • Using Fundamental Analysis on real stocks
      • Summary
      Chapter 5 - How to find the best stocks?
      • Stock Screening - Finding the Needles in the Haystack
      • Finding the Fast Growers
      • Finding the Slow Growers / Defensive Stocks
      • Finding A Stalwart / Blue Chip / Industrial
      • Finding undervalued stocks
      • Summary
      Chapter 6 - Chart Reading Made Easy
      • Introduction
      • Find a great free stock charting package
      • What’s in a chart
      • Japanese Candlesticks
      • Basic Candlestick Patterns
      • Bullish Reversal Patterns
      • Bearish Reversal Patterns
      • Practical Usage of Candlesticks
      • Summary
      Chapter 7 - Trend Lines & Price Patterns
      • Introduction
      • Trend Lines, read them or weep!
      • How to draw trend lines
      • Using Trend Lines to make buy and sell decisions
      • Price Patterns
      • The Famous Head and Shoulders Reversal Pattern
      • Reversal Patterns Quick Reference
      • Continuation Patterns
      • Mind the Gap
      • Megaphones and Wedges
      • Summary

      Chapter 8 - Chart Indicators are your friends
      • Moving Averages – A Powerful yet simple Indicator
      • Stochastic Fantastic, or is it ?
      • Momentum
      • Rate of Change “ROC”
      • Relative Strength Index, how strong is your trend ?
      • MACD The Fuel in the Tank
      • Summary
      Chapter 9 - Chart indicators – Volume
      • Volume – Why is Volume important ?
      • The Price Volume Relationship
      • Price & Volume Indicators
      • Money Flow & On Balance Volume (OBV)
      • Telechart Indicator - Time Segmented Volume TSV
      • Telechart Indicator – Money Stream
      • Worden Indicators in Practice
      • Top 10 Rules for using indicators effectively
      Chapter 10 - Advanced Charting Techniques
      • Parabolic SAR
      • Ichimoku Charts
      • Bollinger Bands
      • Directional Movement System ADX
      • Market Breadth
      • Summary
      Chapter 11 - Sentiment Indicators & trading the news
      • Sentiment and crowd dynamics
      • Playing the News!
      • Types of news that impacts the market
      Chapter 12 - Trading Strategy
      • Introduction
      • Is buying a Stock as simple as buying a car?
      • What Type of investor are you
      • What are your Goals?
      • Quantify your goals
      • How to become a millionaire by investing in the Stock Market
      • Summary
      Chapter 13 - Trading Psychology
      • Introduction
      • The Psychology of Trading – Positive Personality Traits
      • The Psychology of Trading – Negative Personality Traits
      Chapter 14 - Putting it all together
      • Performing a market analysis
      • Performing a sector analysis
      • Summary
      Chapter 15 - Making the Trade
      • Tracking your Trades
      • How many Stocks should I own ?
      • Timing & Stop Losses – The Escalator Method
      • Cash Allocation
      • Risk Reward
      • Setting Price Targets
      • Setting Price Targets a practical example
      • Summary
      Chapter 16 - Creating your System
      • What is your system?
      • Building your Chart to build your system
      • The Trading System Workbook
      Chapter 17 - My Trading System
      • Combining Technicals & Fundamentals
      • Closing Words
      • Congratulations


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