MetaStock Powertools - Free Webinar LIVE

Liberated Stock Trader has partnered with MetaStock to offer you the following free trading webinar:

MetaStock Powertools - Free Webinar LIVE

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about and see the power of MetaStock.

You will see:

* The large assortment of tools that are packaged inside MetaStock and we’ll show you how to use some of them to help with your trading.
* The Expert Advisor. This powerful educational tool will help you know when to get in/out of trades and serve as a personal coach!
* MetaStock’s scanning tool, The Explorer. You’ll see how The Explorer can sort through thousands of securities at one time searching for just about any type of buy or sell signal that you can dream up. This incredible tool will save you countless hours of your time.
* Back-testing. You’ll see how to back-test your trading ideas before you risk any money in the markets. With this tool, you’ll be able to find the right system for the right security.

And much, much more.

Remember: All registrants will recieve a copy of the book “Secrets of Successful Traders”– an actual book, not a PDF download!


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