What is Value Investing?

What is Value Investing? 

Value investing is a strategy that entails seeking out companies that have a very low valuation in the stock market, but actually have a lot of intrinsic value.  The intrinsic value essentially means the actual worth of the company, its assets, cash, market position, income and good will.   It can be difficult to calculate intrinsic value this is what makes value investing a time consuming strategy.


  1. Dear Visitor,
    Would like to appreciate the effort of the webmaster for creating such a wonderful blog which is very helpful for the visitors.
    Would like to add few notes here like if we are trading in Share market tips specially in NSE and BSE which are one of the most popular stock exchanges of the world then we need to take care of the few things like
    1. Always trade in limit
    2. Do not make tade on emotional basis
    3. Always try to get professional support before taking risk in stock market
    4. Rely on professional research rather than speculation.

    This is for sure if we follow above 4 points then we can always stay in good profit.

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